Friday, April 19, 2013


  1. 4 tomatoes
  2. 2 tablespoons of Rasam powder (if you do not have Rasam powder then alternately grind coarserly 1tsp of cummin seeds, 1 tablespoon of whole pepper, 10 cloves of garlic……but this should be added at the end and with one boil must be removed from the gas)
  3. A small lime size ball of tamarind (if you do not have tamarind 1 tbs of tamarind paste can be used)
  4. 1 cup of chopped coriander leaves

For Seasoning
  1. 10 cloves of crushed garlic if you are using Rasam powder (5 cloves if you are not using rasam powder)
  2. 1tsp mustard
  3. 1 tsp urad dhal (is black gram with the skin removed and broken in half)
  4. 1 tsp cummin seeds
  5. 2 dried red chillies (optional)
  6. 4 tbs of oil
  7. 1tsp of whole peper

Boil the the 4 tomatoes in one and a half litres of water with the rasam powder until the tomatoes are soft and split. (if you need less rasam  then use  1 litre of water, 3 tomatoes, 1 tbs of Rasam Powder and a little less garlic….everything else is the same)
Lower the heat of the of the water, and on another gas keep a frying pan (kadai) and put in the oil.  When it is fairly hot, pujt in the mustard, dhal, cummin seeds and peper.  After a few seconds when the mustards splutter add the crushed garlic when it is lightly brown, add the tomatoes from the rasam water and smash it up into the seasoning and fry it a little while.  Then add the rasam water and 3/4 of the coriander leaves and let it boil for a minute or two.
 (If you are using the alternate method when you are adding the water add the ground mixture and coriander leaves.  Stand close by and as soon as it starts boiling take it down.  In this method if it boils the rasam will turn bitter)
Garnish on top with the remaining coriander leaver before serving.

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